McClay Library Christmas Opening Hours

Monday 17th December – Thursday 20th December

8am to 8.30pm (staffed services 9am to 8pm)

Friday 21st December

8am to 5.30pm (staffed services 9am to 5pm)

Saturday 22nd December  

10am to 5.30pm (staffed services 10am to 5pm)

Sunday 23rd December to Wednesday 26th December (inclusive)


Thursday 27th December to Friday 28th December 

9am to 9pm (staffed services 9am to 5pm)

Saturday 29th December 

10am to 9pm (no staffed services)

Sunday 30th December

12pm to 9pm (no staffed services)

Monday 31st December

9am to 9pm (staffed services 9am to 5pm)

Tuesday 1st January


We reopen with normal 24 hour opening hours on Wednesday 2nd January. See the online opening hours for further details.


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