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Start the New Year with new ideas!

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Hi everyone,

Welcome back! I hope you really enjoyed your Christmas break and that the last few weeks of stressing about exam have not used up all your energy. My last exam has just finished and to be honest, I feel ready for my next holiday! ;-)

Right, so this week lectures start again – why not grab a few moments now to do some thinking about your future beyond university and maybe put together some plans about what to work on over the course of this semester. Don’t forget, the best place to start is by keeping an eye on the Careers website for job vacancies, events, information sessions and a whole lot more.

If you’re like me in your second year, the semester ahead will be an important stepping stone. You don’t have to worry yet about job applications and such, but you really are in a good place to think about a few things, such as:

What do you like most within your field of study?

How can you specialise more in that direction?

In what businesses or professions could you work with these skills?

What about looking for part-time work, a work placement or a summer job in a relevant company?

What kind of skills would make you particularly employable there?

What does Careers, Employability and Skills at Queen’s offer that would improve these skills?

To help you get moving on these questions, penultimate year undergrads will soon get an e-shot from Careers on events of particular interest to students in their school – look out for this. Otherwise, I hope you’ll stay with me over the course of this semester to keep up-to-date with all the career opportunities.

The next topic will be a look at volunteering and extra-curricular activity to build skills/experience.