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Start your future today

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Hi guys, great to have you back for this week’s blog! Last week’s was all about questions; this week we’re going to focus on how you can use Queen’s Careers, Employability and Skills to find some answers.

First up, if you’re in your final or pre-final year you’ll soon be receiving an Careers e-shot Autumn Bulletin, via your School. Hang on to this as it will be a resource you’ll need to refer to as you go through the autumn.  The Bulletin is designed to give you a snapshot of careers stuff going on this semester, both in your School and around Uni. So, as the semester has just started, why not use some of your “this year I will do it” enthusiasm to sign up for a Careers activity or programme? such as…

Certificate in Career Development Learning

This takes you through all the challenges of job applications, from CVs and interviews to assessment centres. The course runs over 11 weeks, and starts in October. For more details and registration go to and click on Career Development Learning Programme icon.

Skills for Success

Maybe you feel confident about your academic work, but are worried you need to develop those all-important ‘soft’ skills like team work and communication? This series of workshops aims to support you in gaining these competences. To check which ones suit you go to and click on Skills for Success Workshops icon.

Degree Plus

Perhaps you have the feeling your degree won’t be enough to show off all those hard-earned achievements at Queen’s? Degree Plus offers you the chance to get official recognition for your additional non-academic activities. Check out for all the right info.

Also, don’t forget to pop into the Student Guidance Centre soon. The Career Service area – 1st floor, to the right hand side of Reception – offers you a wide range of giveaway books and other information, from skills development to how to find the perfect graduate job. Just take a seat, browse – and hopefully be inspired. And while you’re there, remember to pick up your copy of the 2011-12 Queen’s Careers Guide.

Do you have lots more questions, but still no answers? Talk to your Career Adviser. To request a guidance interview, call in or contact the Student Guidance Centre at If you have a quick question you can also make use of the Drop in Service with a Careers Adviser.

Now, sit back and have a think about which of these opportunities you really shouldn’t be passing up. If you’re a first year student, you could start by checking out the 2011-12 Queens’ Careers Guide. Take a look at the Degree Plus programme and think about getting voluntary work experience. My advice for second and final years is to have a serious think about the Certificate in Career Development Learning, Skills for Success Workshops – but sign up now as places get filled up quickly. Also don’t forget Degree Plus (if you haven’t already got around to it).

Okay, so that’s some of the basics covered for now. I hope you’ll join me again next week for how to find a graduate job and what potential employers are looking for.


Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Welcome back to Queen’s and to your Careers Blog with all the latest careers news.

I’m Laura, and I’m taking over from William who did a great job keeping us up-to-date last year – many thanks for that William. 

Who exactly is this blog intended for? Well, unless you have a graduate job or postgraduate course sorted out already (or you’ve hit the jackpot on the Lotto) then this is for you – and I guess that’s most people, right? You’re in just the right place to get all the information you need to start thinking about your future, regardless of where you’re at right now in your degree.

Perhaps you’re a first-year, enthusiastic about starting University and living the life of a student. But you’re probably also aware that there’ll one day be a life beyond Queen’s. Are you looking for ideas about what to do once you finish your studies?

Or maybe you’ve just begun your second year, like me. At the moment you might be thinking it’s just the year after your first year. But looking at it from the perspective of your career, it might be more useful to see it rather as the year before your final year. By now you probably know your way around Queen’s, so this is an opportune moment to think about building up that CV, putting yourself out there and getting some valuable experience. As well as just enjoying the time out, this summer I’ve been trying to find myself a volunteering position – a few hours a week that will help me develop some of the skills I’ll undoubtedly need after University. Could that be something for you to think about, too?

And for those of you just starting out on your final year, the time is fast approaching when you’ll need concrete ideas about your direction after graduation and how to pull everything together. It’s a challenging period, because you’re working hard towards those final exams, but you have to see above and beyond them at the same time. Looking for a guide? Want to make sure you won’t miss any opportunities?

So, some sound reasons for you to bear with me over the rest of this semester? Great! Then join me next week for an overview of how to make the most of the year ahead.